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Gho5t Music Family
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About Us
G.M.F Records was founded in 2014 by the C.E.O Robert Echols also know as Gho5t Rob. Gho5t Music Family is an Independant record label operating out of Memphis, Tennessee that develops artist and bands for commercial use. GMF Records has the know-how and experience to produce your musical ideas into release ready productions for market release. 
Get your music career on track. 
If you are a singer/song writer or musician and you want to optimise your chances of acheving a succesful career within the entertaiment and music industries, you need to be guided by the best. 
We provide music production, recording, marketing, and distribution that are second to none. If you are serious about you career in the music industry and require more information or consulation you should click on the contact us tab. 
Our Services
Sound Sessions
We offer high quality vocal and instrumental recording at a affordable price. We do our own mixing and mastering. GMF records also offers package deals for Mixtape artist which includes recording 12 songs, tracks, mixtape cover art, one music video, and manufacturing of 100 pressed cd's. 
Demo Tracks
We offer demos and also show mix cd's 
We also offer leason on how to produce your own tracks. Anything that has to do with music production we offer services to teach you. 
Record your dream demo track with us
Satisfied Customers
  1. Jeff Roberts
    They did my entire mixtape for me
  2. Jason Parker
    Only place i go for my mixing and mastering.
  3. Janet Perry
    100% satisfaction guaranteed
  4. Tom Baker
    Learned how to record and engineer tracks for myself.
  5. Mary Smith
    Live music recording
  6. Leah Atkins
    GMF records has given me the chance to advance my career as a music manger by managing new talent they bring in.